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The #1 Reason A Good Headshot Is So Important!

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We all know making a good first impression is really important, especially in the professional world. But making a first impression should be more than good! To quote Sonya Parker, “ Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” So how do you conquer the challenge of being one of the few to make a good lasting impression? That’s where headshot photos come. The #1 reason a good headshot is so important is that it will make a good lasting impression!

Not having a really good image that best represents you may give of a lack of professionalism, or may make you overall, forgettable. Don’t let those things hold you back from favorably standing out, and staying with those you’re

trying to reach! Get your headshots with Valerie and Co. Photographers and your perfect pictures will leave everyone with a lasting good impression! Valerie has been in the photography industry for 11 years, and to sharpen her headshot skills, trained with one of the top headshot photographers in New York City. With all of her experience and training, she’s cultivated a style where your final images are very inviting, and enduring. Our goal for your headshots is to not only get a great professional shot of you, but to really capture the best of you in photographs that will suit the purpose you seek to fill. Weather your images are done against a white backdrop, or in an outdoor setting, our headshots will give you photos that convey approachability, confidence, and will make a positive impact.

Take for example, Valerie & Co. Photographers headshot session with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. That day, we shot every Orchestra member, one by one, and they were all happy with the results. Each member’s photo is a fitting and flattering shot, each member’s personality really shines through, and each member’s image professionally stands out for who they are. You can check out the Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s fantastic website to learn more about the Orchestra AND see Val & Co.’s work “in action,”so to speak!

Another benefit with our headshots is that you’ll have a bit of variety with your looks. One very freshly photographed headshot session we did was with local Charleston Artist, Matt Constantine. His images included professional, yet, warm headshot photos of Michael, as well as headshot photos that helped showcase his talent and ability as a painter. After delivering Michael’s headshots, it was such a compliment to hear how pleased he was with the pictures, and satisfaction is our goal with every client! Your headshots will be photos that compliment you and give you that edge that aids in furthering your goals!

A good headshot photo, can be all the difference in reaching and staying with people. You can do that and stand out from the crowd by not just make a good impression but a good lasting impression! Schedule your headshot session with Valerie & Co. Photographers for professional pictures that will leave a positive lasting memory!

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