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Wadmalaw Island, SC Wedding on the Water | Brooke & Matthew

Each Bride & Groom's love story is special and we love learning these stories from all of our couples! Brooke and Matthew have a unique and super sweet romance and their wedding day is just as special! They actually met & fell for each other in an exceptional way, got married, THEN had a gorgeous intimate Wadmalaw wedding on the water a few years later. :-) Read on to learn more about Matthew & Brooke, their wonderful wedding, and see a few of the absolutely breathtaking images from their big day! 

Brooke told us all about how their career choices and their love for gaming and sports first brought them together saying, "Matt is a First Class Electricians Mate on an aircraft carrier for the Navy, and I’m a full time student and also a reservist in the Air Force as an aerial transporter. Matthew and I met through an Xbox game in 2013 a few months before I left for boot camp. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to be precise. We were both in the lobby together and I had USAF as my clan tag since I was leaving for boot camp soon, he’s Navy so him and his friends were picking on me for being Air Force. After 30 minutes of talking we found out we only lived 30 minutes from one another and decided to meet up that night to play soccer!" 

After dating for a few years, Matthew and Brooke eloped in 2015 but also planned an intimate private backyard wedding to be in the fall of 2017 for close friends and family! The location for their wedding was truly stunning. The Bride groom and the wedding party got ready for the day at a family friend's beautiful brick home on their private property that's surrounded by old oak trees and situated on the water. A small wooden landing with an aged shrimp boat docked on one side over looks the scenic marshy water way and made for the best photographs! The wedding venue is very sentimental to them. Brooke told us, "As far as the venue, it was the private home of our friends, Pete and Babs Ambrose. They own the Ambrose Farm out in James Island and the Tomato Shed Café who also catered our wedding. They are very sweet, giving, and selfless people, they allowed our wedding to be held there with no charge. Babs is the founder of The Point which is a local non-profit women’s organization, that we gladly donated to for hosting our wedding!" 

Valerie Co. Photographers Wadmalaw Island Wedding Brooke Matthew 0002

Valerie Co. Photographers Wadmalaw Island Wedding Brooke Matthew 0027

Brooke and her bridesmaids relaxed and got ready with hairstylist Chelsie Newcomb of CLV Artistry and makeup artist Brianna Rumble of Tutti Bella. The Bride wore a beautiful Morilee by Madeline Gardner wedding gown from Bridals by Jodi and did not let the Groom, Matt, see until their first look! Brooke said, "I kept the wedding dress a surprise, which is pretty traditional considering our circumstances (already married by eloping in 2015, lol). Since our wedding & marriage was not of the norm, I wanted to keep some traditions to make it feel 'real,' so to say." 

Valerie Co. Photographers Wadmalaw Island Wedding Brooke Matthew 0005Valerie Co. Photographers Wadmalaw Island Wedding Brooke Matthew 0010Valerie Co. Photographers Wadmalaw Island Wedding Brooke Matthew 0012

After portraits and their first look, the ceremony was held under a large oak looking out to the water. The sunset reception was under a tent adjacent to the home and decorated with grey white and yellow accents and flowers and string lights over head. There was good food, fun music from Bessinger's Mobile Music, traditional dances, bouquet and garter toss, cutting of the How Sweet It Is wedding cake, and lots of partying!  

We asked Brooke what advice she'd give to another couple for their wedding and she said, "If I could just give advice to someone else it would be to not let someone else control your decisions, it’s your day, so it should go your way. Our planning all came together and our big day was perfect. Our favorite part was getting both of our families together and seeing everyone else enjoy the wedding so much! The venue, the sunset was AMAZING and the house itself was just beautiful. We loved all of the scenery, it made for spectacular photos and a wonderful day!" 

Congratulations to Brooke and Matthew! If you'd like to see another beautiful wedding just click here!


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