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Man’s Best Friend is also Man’s Best Man! | Charleston Wedding Photographer

We here at Valerie & Co. have found that for many brides and grooms, their big day would not be complete without their furry family members! I mean, how cute is it to see dogs at weddings?!? Your wedding is the day where you commit to becoming a family and it’s so special and sweet to have the whole family present and a part of the ceremony, including pets. :-) Thinking of making Man's Best Friend your Best Man? Read on to see a few tips on including your pup pal in your wedding and to see a few favorite photos of good good dogs at their family’s wedding!

1) Consider your dog’s disposition. 

A large wedding can be a little hectic or overwhelming for anybody, let alone your pet. You don’t want to add stress on your wedding day and you definitely want your pup to feel happy and safe being there too.If your dog is good-natured, social, and adjusts well to new people and environments, then that’s a good sign they’ll probably feel comfortable at the altar. :-)

charleston bridal portrait with dog sm.jpg2) Get the OK from your wedding venue.

Check first to make sure that the venues you choose for your wedding allows dogs.

3) Choose the level or your puppy’s involvement.

It’s funny how your wedding day can fly by so fast but at the same time, be such a long day! With that considered, it can be a long day for your pet too. When planning your wedding you could have your dog a part of your engagement session, wedding portrait time, the wedding ceremony, or all the way through to your reception. Just consider what would be best for you and your pet.

  1. Fill in the rest of your wedding Party.

Just in case someone is allergic, you’ll want to make sure all loved ones involved know what’s up and that your pup is a part of the wedding party. With everyone informed, all can prepare and, if need be, have Zyrtec at the ready. ;-)

6) Request help.

Ask a trusted someone to be your pets personal assistant for the wedding. Again, it’ll be a busy time and everyone can have a more relaxed day with pre-picked help from someone that can make sure your precious pup is always taken care of and ready to go.

7) Practice makes perfect.

Try doing a few run throughs with your pet  prior to the wedding. If you’re doing a rehearsal with the whole wedding party practice everything with your appointed assistant and your dog so everyone knows the plan.

dog licking grooms face.jpg

8) Pamper & prep :-)

Make sure your pooch is just as glamorous and groomed as you and your groom for the big day! Be sure to remember to schedule an appointment at your favorite pet place before the nuptials.

9) Perfect pictures with Valerie & Co. Photographers!

Cherished memories captured in photograph of your best pal walking down the aisle? YES PLEASE! It’s a must have, so contact Valerie & Co. Photographers to photograph all the love, joy, and your good good boy on your wonderful wedding day!

10) Get inspired :-)

Oh, the adorable possibilities and potential cuteness! Check out our gallery of wedding photos and engagement portraits of couples and their pets for a little insperation. :-)

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