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Finding and falling for “The One” is not so simple. You want to feel joy with “The One.” You want “The One” to make you feel beautiful. You want all your friends and family to love “The One” just as much as you do. But ultimately “The One” makes YOU happy and when you’ve found it, you’ll know. I’m talking about your wedding dress of course! Brides, Andrea, Holly, and Melissa, all found “The One” wedding dress for them at Charleston bridal shop, Gown Boutique of Charleston, and we LOVE each lady’s gorgeous wedding gown photos. 

Gown Boutique of Charleston started small with Terri, and her daughter, Krista. They’ve grown wonderfully and are now celebrating 10 years in business! It’s a beautiful boutique with a large selection, a wide range of price points, & awesome in house alterations. Everyone at Gown Boutique is professional, friendly, and skilled. Before it’s all said and done, you’ll walk out with your gown and a few new friends! When Melissa was looking for her dress, she’d gone to a few places but said, “What made me decide on going back to the Gown Boutique was how nice and helpful they were. They had such a high level of customer service especially compared to some of the other stores I went in. I was very impressed by how comfortable they made me feel and how helpful they were on choosing my dress and accessories. I would highly recommend them to any bride.”

From the time you walk through their doors, to when you walk down the aisle, you’re sure to be pleased. Gown Boutique of Charleston walked us through their steps of getting a bride to “The One.” To start, you’re greeted upon arrival and brought into the showroom to have a quick chat with their consultant. With the consultant, the bride and one or two members of her entourage select 3-4 dresses. The bride is then helped by the consultant into her dresses, and she shows off each gown to her group. That part is especially fun and emotion filled, so be sure your mom has the tissue box ready! The consultant then knows more about the bride’s style, and can expertly pick more gowns to try. Once the bride is down to 2-3 favorites, she tries them back on at the end along with veils and accessories. When you say yes to your dress, you’ll all have celebratory champagne and take a group photo at the ‘Found the Gown’ sign. There’ll be fittings and alterations until your dress is perfect then Gown Boutique, loads the bride up and sends them off to get married!

Bride Holly told us about her experience at Gown Boutique of Charleston. “When I first got there, Mrs Terri, let me walk and pull out the dresses I thought I would like. I tried those on and told her things I didn’t like and she actually went and pulled my dress. She was so honest with me and let me know what didn’t look good or what would look better. Not all places are that honest. She knew that I was not a big fan of the lace rose on the front, but everyone agreed that I found my dress. She requested that the dress be ordered without the rose, but assured me that if it came in she would make sure it was removed. She then helped me pick out my veil. I originally wanted one with a lace edge, but she pulled one with a small satin trim that looked perfect! We then celebrated with champagne!”

Personalizing to make your wedding your own is important to each bride. Gown Boutique of Charleston’s consultants know their gowns through and through. They know what can and cannot be done to customize a gown and listen to what the bride likes and doesn’t like about the dresses she has tried on. The consultants are great at suggesting tweaks to make a dress perfect for a particular bride and their alterations can complete just about any request. With bride Andrea, they said, “She was so sweet, soft spoken but bubbly and happy all the time. She really was such a gem to work with! Andrea had custom straps made and she was so appreciative of everything we did. The look she’d get when she was in her dress was what we hope for all of our brides. You could just tell that she was totally smitten with it!”


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