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Engagement to Wedding Gown | Charleston Bridal Photographer | Cayce & Jamie

Here at Valerie & Co. Photographers, we don't just photograph weddings, or proposals. We don't just shoot events, or headshots. And we don't just do family, or newborn portraits. Our studio does all of that AND then some, and we love it! Because we are passionate about a wide range of types of photography, we often get to see the different life stages of the wonderful people we photograph. They become like family to us and as the years go by and we do more and more sessions with them, we get to enjoy seeing how each person grows and changes. We photographed beautiful Cayce for her high school senior portraits and we've adored her ever since. A few years have passed and now we've had the pleasure of photographing her and Jamie's Boone Hall Plantation engagement session, and Cayce's downtown Charleston Bridal Portraits! It was so special to photograph Cayce, engagement to wedding gown. :-) We're excited to be able to share a few images from our sessions with Cayce here on the blog! Read more about Cayce, her hubby, Jamie, and their love story below and enjoy going through the fantastic photos from our sessions! 

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(From young lady to engaged woman!)

Where are you both from?

-I am from Summerville and Jamie is from St. George.

Where did you two meet? 

-We met in high school, started dating in the 10th grade.

Valerie Co. Photographers Charleston Photography 0012

(Beautiful couple and a beautiful bride. <3)

How long did you two date? 

-We dated for 8 years before we got married

How did Jamie propose?

-It was around final exams in college and we were both stressed to the max. He told me we were going to take a break from studying and go on a date since it had been a while since we have been on one. I was not allowed to know any details but this was typical and something he would always do so I thought nothing of it. The morning of I woke up to a letter (again nothing unusual) that said to get up get dressed, we were going on a much needed date. We go to Charleston (our favorite place) to walk around and spend the day since it was a pretty day. We ended up near the pineapple where he got down on one knee. After, he said we were finally going to get something to eat (what I thought anyway). We kept walking and walking and I told him multiple times he had no idea where he was going. He wouldn't tell me where we were eating. We ended up not eating and taking a carriage ride around. (we saw a Cinderella carriage a few years prior and I told him THAT is what I want one day, they no longer carry that carriage so he had to improvise, which was totally okay) After riding around Charleston, he finally said okay were going to eat. We show up at the first place we ever went on a date and I was taken by complete surprise with all of our family there waiting on us. Family is pretty important to me and he knew that so I thought it was the sweetest thing to have arranged to have everyone there.

What kind of engagement ring do you have and is there a story to go with it? 

-I have a princess, cushion cut ring. No story behind it besides I showed my mom one day in the store and I guess the message got transferred ;)

When and where was your wonderful wedding held?

-March 4, 2017 in St. George 

How did you come to decide on your gorgeous wedding gown? 

-I decided on my wedding gown by the reaction of my mom and sister. I loved it and when they saw it, their reaction sealed the deal :)

Valerie Co. Photographers Charleston Photography 0013

(One of our FAVORITES from Cayce's session and it's the one she choose for her Bridal Portrait Canvas!) 

What advice would you give to a bride searching for her wedding dress?

Find your style and what looks best on you and then go "serious" shopping. It made things so much easier for me!

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