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Why is Rain on a Wedding Day Good Luck? | Charleston Wedding Photographer | Sally & Rob

When thinking about rain on a wedding day, two things come to mind: 1.)Alanis Morissette and 2.)The old adage that rain is a sign of good luck on that day. The latter of these two might make you think that this wedding superstition was made up to help a blue bride feel better about a down pour on her big day. However, according to The Pink Bride, there are several reasons why wedding day precipitation, in many different cultures, is considered good luck and we’ve even witnessed the good favor rain can bring with these downtown Charleston Wedding Photos!

Being a Charleston wedding photographer, our team knows that the weather here in the Holy City can be unpredictable at times, and we’ve definitely seen our fair share of showers. On the day of Sally and Rob’s wedding, the weather called for clouds and rain and those droplets ended up coming down the entire day. Even so, it was so easy and wonderful to see that this sweet couple were the most excited and joyful people to be getting married that drizzly day. :-) Their happiness just melts your heart, and if you’re feeling skeptical about the superstition of rain being good luck, let the stunning pictures from their nuptials make you a believer in rainy day magic. ;-) You too will hope for sprinkles of luck at your wedding! Charleston Photography Valerie Co. Photographers 0003 Charleston Photography Valerie Co. Photographers 0002 Charleston Photography Valerie Co. Photographers 0001

Rob and Sally held their enchanting event in downtown Charleston, with the ceremony at the 2nd Presbyterian Church on Meeting Street, and the reception at the Carolina Yacht Club on East Bay Street, during the springtime. In spring, the season bears rain that’s cool and cleansing, brings renewal, and nourishes the land for blossoming and new growth. So why is rain on a wedding day good luck? The day you marry, you’re starting a fresh, clean, brand new life with the love of your life and someday you may even grow your family with kids of your own. The blessing of a rain shower on the day you say “I do” perfectly personifies those ideas of a sparkling and new beginning, and the newly wed’s delightful hope for future children to come. For Sally and Rob’s wedding day, good fortune gifted them with some absolutely beautiful wedding photos full of so much love, laughter, and a little extra romance that came along with the weather’s radiant rainshowers. With all of the gorgeous good luck shots from their big day, we know that these two will see more blessings from that lucky wedding rain!


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