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Where to propose in Charleston | Carrie & Garrett | Waterfront Park Proposal

We really loved blogging about Carrie and Garrett’s wonderful Athens wedding (check it out again here!), still, before the “I do” is “Will you marry me?” We had the pleasure of photographing this couples will-you-marry-me moment and love getting to blog about their spectacular pics! Not only are their images super romantic, but if you’ve been wondering where to propose in Charleston, you’ll now have an idea of one of Charleston’s perfect spots to pop the question.

Garrett and Carrie planned to visit Charleston while on holiday break in December of 2014. Carrie however had no idea that Garrett was going to ask her to marry him during their little vacation! He got in contact with the Valerie & Co. studio before their trip and arranged to have the big moment caught on camera. It was all set for Monday December 22nd at Charleston Waterfront Park. It’s a favorite spot for locals and visitors to stroll along the water. Waterfront Park is also a great place to relax on a bench, a swing, or spread out on a blanket; enjoy beautiful fountains or splash around for fun; take in the spectacular harbor views; and an excellent spot to ask your true love to marry you! The couple planned to have tourist time in the city and of course it turned out to be a very rainy day. Mother nature couldn’t stop Garrett, and he sweetly insisted the two of them walk to the Waterfront Park. Thankfully, Carrie didn’t put up too much of a fight to walk there in the rain and the secret surprise was still a go!

The weather made most people stay indoors that day and turned the waterfront into Carrie and Garrett’s own private park. Right in front of the pineapple fountain, with ring box in hand, Garrett proposed, and Carrie said, “YES!” It was a honor to have been the ones to capture the event and all the love between Carrie & Garrett!


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