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A Sparkling Woodland’s Wedding for Holly and Jason | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Being a Charleston Wedding Photographer, you get to learn so many couples sweet love stories. Holly and Jason know how to make love last! The two got together in August of 2003 while in high school; she in 10th grade and he in 11th. Through school, college, long distance, and the military, they have been there for each other. After 11 years together, Jason was ready to surprise Holly with his proposal! Jason gave up Monday night football and wanted to ask Holly out for a dinner date...

It was a place the couple hadn’t been to before, and Holly was happy to try something new with her guy. The two of them had dinner at Fleet Landing in Charleston and later, enjoyed a walk along the water near the restaurant. While walking, Jason suggested they get a picture together of their date night. Holly didn’t want to disturb others, however she did relent, so, Jason approached another patron and asked, “Will you please get our photo? I want to have a picture of when I ask her to merry me.” He promptly turned to Holly, pulled out the ring, and got on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage! On that October evening, unsuspecting Holly was pleasantly surprised and happily said, “Yes!”

October came around again and this time, Jason and Holly were celebrating their Wedding day at the picturesque Woodlands Mansion! When talking to Holly, she said that because life is hectic, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for all of their friends and family to be together. The fact that loved ones from all over the U.S. were able to come for a few days, stay all in one place at the beautiful Inn at Woodlands Mansion to make great memories, is just one of the cherished things that the couple loved about the celebration of their nuptials. They didn’t want the good times with everyone to end!

Jason and Holly also loved their private moments during their wedding day too. When speaking to Holly, she said that initially she was not sure if she wanted to do “The First Look” but now says that was her favorite part of her wedding day.

It was special to experience Jason’s genuine reaction of seeing his Bride for the first time and then enjoying an intimate moment together without the eyes of the wedding guests on them. This wedding has it all: gorgeous grounds, the perfect gown, sparkling bridesmaids, real gentlemen, beautiful bouquets, and a darling bride and groom! It is a wedding beyond compare for dear Jason and Holly!

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