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Amazing Babies! | Charleston Newborn Photography | Sweet Eleanor

The Valerie & Co. Photographers team often has the privilege of getting to cuddle up with an incredible brand new bundle of joy here at the studio. We just love to love on them, and genuinely believe that all tiny humans really are awesome! Adorable Eleanor and her parents recently came in for our Charleston newborn photography. Every picture captured is precious and it was really nice spending time getting to know mom, dad, and baby. :-) Our Charleston Newborn Session with cutie Eleanor was also a great reminder of how amazing babies truly are!

In anticipation of baby’s arrival, parents-to-be enjoy finding out all the different ways their little one will grow. As early as a baby’s first week, they’ll begin to respond to movement and start to fix their eyes on faces. Soon, baby is smiling when mom or dad come near. This is an important sign that your newborn sees and recognizes you and is a very joyful moment for any parent!

There are just so many interesting things you can learn about the development of little ones, like how babies are actually born with more of certain brain cells than what our adult brains have. By age one, our brains will more than double in size, but at birth, we have more of these particular nerve cells. Those cells are neurons and they carry electrical messages and form connections for our brains. These neural connections are built through learning and interacting with the world. Some learning even happens in the womb!

An infant will one day grow to be an adult, and to accomplish that, various cells divide very quickly, and much faster than the cells of grown-ups. Part of this growth is controlled by hormones, but part of it is inherent to certain cells. Our different cells divide and regenerate throughout our lifetime, but along the way, they eventually stop dividing and expire.

One of the reasons our adult brains have fewer neurons than newborns is because, as we get older, these nerve cells don't regenerate near as much. Also, as we grow, the numerous neural connections that are forming in the brain gradually become stronger and the neurons that haven’t made those links aren’t necessary, so many of those cells won’t get replaced. Though babies neural connections between the cells are "trimmed,” this helps growing tots gain the ability to focus.

It’s so remarkable all the fascinating ways a tiny little baby will change and develop, and in time, sweet Eleanor will grow also. We know her family will cherish every incredible step along the way! With Valerie & Co. Photographers’ newborn portraits, you can forever have priceless photos that capture such a beautiful but quickly passing season.


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