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They’re tiny for such a short time – before you know it, the chance to capture that unique sweetness is gone forever. How can anyone resist sweet, little fingers and toes? We firmly believe in the importance of newborn photography as a physical, artful reminder of these wonderful first few days.

Our Charleston, SC Newborn Photography Studio

Newborn photography is one of our studio’s most popular bookings. We have spent several years studying to become highly specialized in a boutique style of newborn posing and lighting. (Valerie has often been referred to as a “baby whisperer”….and we love that!) Newborn sessions take place in our studio and are relaxed, fun, and many moms have expressed how fun it is to watch Valerie work her baby magic. Sessions can also include older siblings, mommy/baby, daddy/baby & the whole family together during the latter-portion of your session. Check out our new West Ashley home studio!

How much is the newborn photography investment?

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Newborn photography SAFETY

Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance to us. Our studio uses a specialized beanbag made specifically to pose newborns safely and comfortably, and many clean, soft, colorful, textured blankets, wraps, hats and headbands. We also welcome any personal props, knitted hats, or baby blankets that are special to you. Just bring them along to your session and Valerie will work them in when she can.

When to SCHEDULE your newborn shoot?

We prefer to photograph newborns at 6 to 12 days old; by this time, your little one will have learned to eat well but is still very bendy & sleeping most hours of the day. We like to say it’s important to do your newborn session early while baby has “womb memory”. This is how we get them in all the adorable poses that parents have come to know and love. We normally like to block off 10am to 2pm for our full sessions, but session lengths are flexible based on the needs of your newborn. Patience is key!

Unless you are having a scheduled c-section, you are not going to know when your baby will be born. If you are planning on doing your newborn portrait session with us, please call us to let us know your due date. We leave time in our schedule around your due date to ensure we can schedule your session. As soon as your baby is born, have someone call us asap to get on our calendar during baby’s first 6-12 days. But, if somehow you don't make it during the first two weeks, THAT'S OKAY! Your baby is still tiny and precious and we have tecniques that can still document every precious detail! Remember, your baby today is still the smallest he or she will ever be. 

How do I PREPARE for a newborn session?

The images you see on our website are created due to not only the creativity of our photography, but also the parents being prepared.

Try to keep baby awake for at least an hour beforehand. The best way to do this is to move baby around, change their clothes, and give him or her a bath. A well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby! Please feed your baby about 15-30 minutes prior to coming. (Also make sure you get a good burp in! A baby with gas is not a happy baby.) Additionally, plan on bringing extra milk and a pacifier with you just in case. *Even if baby doesn’t use a paci please bring it, it’s a simple way for us to temporarily soothe newborns so they are calm and pose effortlessly to achieve the most beautiful photos.*

Before you put baby into his/her carseat, dress baby in something easy to remove (as to not disturb their slumber.) Also, loosen their diaper just a little bit to reduce diaper marks in the first few photos.

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