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Charleston Maternity Photography

Maternity: the state of being a mother; motherhood.

Whether this is your first experience as an expectant mother, or your fifth time around, these 40 weeks are one of the most remarkable times in your life.

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life that we should document regardless of how we feel about our bodies. Yes, your waistline is growing & your hormones are running wild, …yet you are, in so many ways, more beautiful than you’ve ever been. Documenting your pregnancy as a stage of life is a way to celebrate the baby you’re about to meet, to rejoice in the fact that your family is growing, and to celebrate the strength of your body. It’s also a great bonding experience with your partner and/or other children as you anticipate this new little one together!

We at Valerie and Co. Photographers love Charleston maternity sessions. To us, it’s all about celebrating the miracle of life…this little bundle is about to change your life forever! You are welcome to bring your spouse/partner and children with you as well; we would love to include them in your photos!


WHEN is the best time to do a maternity shoot?

We encourage you to schedule your session when you are about 30 to 36 weeks along. (But schedule your session with us with 2-6 weeks notice before that, of course!) We want to capture that window of time when your belly is getting bigger, yet before you start feeling like you’re swollen and about to pop.

WHERE do I go to get maternity pictures?

We prefer to do your session on location – and in Charleston we have so many great locations for you to choose from! Your natural beauty plus the great outdoors equals a breathtaking masterpiece. Some of our favorite locations include: Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Hampton Park in downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park, downtown Charleston’s historic district, Charleston Waterfront Park and the Battery. Upon request, we are also happy to do your session in our studio.

What do I WEAR for a maternity photo shoot?

Simple is almost always better. One of our favorite maternity sessions was with the gorgeous expecting mama wearing a black dress (sleeves or sleeveless is up to you, depending on season). We almost always prefer solid colors over prints, patterns, plaids or polka dots….but if you have a “loud” dress that you’d love to include in your session, it’s ok to bring 2 outfits you want to include in shots during our session together! (And if you’re unsure, just bring several and we are happy to help you decide what we think would photograph best!)


We also offer a Maternity-Newborn Bundle, as well as birth photography, so be sure to check out information about our newborn sessions as well!

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