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Portuguese Water Dog, Pete, was named by his family after the dog ‘Petey’ from the show Little Rascals. Just like Petey in the Little Rascals is a pal to lots of kids, the Hallam family's pet Pete is also a pal to a great number of children! Pete is a part of the Pet Therapy Program with MUSC's children’s hospital. Mrs. Hallam is Pete’s handler for the pet therapy and she also works as a vet tech at an animal medical center. They both very much enjoy the work they do. Our studio's job as a Charleston Family Photographer, is to capture pictures of the whole family, which includes furry family members too. :-) We just loved the Charleston pet portraits we took of Pete and we loved learning all about what he does and how meaningful it is for so many!

The rich spirit of adventure that children possess, is a wonderful and precious quality! Though kids seem to grow in the blink of an eye, as they age and develop, it’s amazing to witness how their experiences and explorations help shape their curious little minds into who they’ll become. Pictures that document each fun age, and the different formative stages, are a special treasure. Having your Charleston family portraits taken throughout the years will provide you with beautiful high-finished family photographs to cherish. Valerie & Co. Photographers had a fun session with adventurous young siblings, Leland and Edith, and both have big and fantastic dreams for the future!

The first day in March this year, marked the beginning of the observance of Lent. With the start of this holy season, Valerie & Co. Photographers couldn’t help but think about the Reverend Sean Norris, his darling family, and their wonderful family session! We're so glad our studio got to do a shoot with this beautiful bunch when they wanted a Charleston Family Photographer. :-) Wife Kate and the Rev. Sean, serve as The Church of The Holy Cross campus pastors for The Chapel at I’On. They have a group of volunteers that help at their weekly services with The Chapel at I’On and Holy Cross has a larger staff that help to serve at the other two church campuses on Sullivan’s Island and Daniel Island. Currently, their services and events go along with the Lent period and they’ve even provided a nice Family Guide for Lent & Easter on their website. The charming little Chapel at I’On is

The Valerie & Co. Photographers studio is ethusiastic and borderline crazy for Charleston pet portraits! It's so great to provide perfect images that capture the personality of the animals we've met. Bulldog, Bowie, has a plenty of personality and he is a beloved member of the Gill family! The town of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, is where they all live a nice life together in the charming neighborhood of I'On. It’s a lovely place to be, but for the Gill family, the best part of their home is probably the fact that they’re only 6 short miles from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. Bowie and his family happily spend a lot of their time at the school located in the historic city of

Emily and Eric have been photographed by Valerie many times, not the least of which was for their beautiful wedding! In August, Valerie and Co. Photographers again photographed Emily and Eric with the addition of one more… their Newborn daughter Mary Catherine! We were so excited and honored to meet their brand new baby girl and be their Charleston Family Photographer. Mary Catherine was sweet as she could be and is one of those babies who makes having a newborn seem not so stressful. She just has a peaceful disposition about her. It is fun being a part of a newborn session and seeing parents proudly bring their baby out (often for the first time other than a doctor’s appointment) to show off the new little one to the world. Our studio isn’t exactly the “world” but it is a stepping-stone to the world ? At the time of this newborn session, nine-days-old Mary Catherine had already been featured on at least 3 Internet sites! Now she can add a Valerie and Co. feature to her list. The little pumpkin showed us a little bit of her personality when Valerie swaddled her in a soft lace shawl, Mary Catherine began inching those little finger out the top one by one until her arms were free. Her parents said, “that’s what she does!” These two know their girl well, and being parents seems to come naturally for them. We wanted to see Mary Catherine’s beautiful blue eyes for a few shots and even though she was just brand new, mom and dad already knew what makes the little miss open her eye, if only for a second. You must be quick with the camera at these newborn shoots! We were able to get a variety of photos and poses with Mary Catherine and are happy to share a few of our favorite of this sweet pea. Our studio really loved capturing all the sweetness of Mary Catherine and all the love of the newly minted family of three!

As children, for many of us, we looked up to our mothers. We admired the things our mother did and the way she did them. Our moms may not have always realized it but they fascinated, taught, and inspired us as children and still do even today. The way mom put on her lipstick. How she always knew exact way we liked our scrambled eggs. How pretty she looked to us before she walked out the door to head to work. The way she rocked our baby sibling to sleep. The way she kisses our cheeks. What she does while she’s working at her job. How she loved and cared for us. It seems, no matter what it is our mothers do, we want to be like mom. Now grown with kids of our own, we too see our children coping mommy and wanting to be like mom. We try our very best to set a good example for them, teach them, inspire them, and love them with all our hearts. Knowing this, it fills us with so much pride and joy when our little loves notice what we do, play pretend, and like to try to be like mommy! That imitation we’ve seen with our own children, lead us to this fun idea to do a photo series of mothers and their children wanting to be like mommy with Mommy and Me Photography. 

This Charleston Family Photographer loves the friendships that flourish with everyone the camera gets the opportunity to photograph. It’s more than taking pictures, we love knowing your stories and capturing your precious moments. It seems close relationships naturally flow from and develop with the people we meet and we are blessed by it! It’s got us wanting to answer the question, Where are they now? One of the families that we asked just that are Wimberlys (You may recognize them from this and this LOL). We’ve seen them grow so much from Landon and Kelli’s wedding, to their daughter Anna Landi’s first birthday!

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