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Guest Blog on The Value of Professional Family Portraits! | Charleston Family Photographer

Today we have a guest blog post about the value of Professional Family Portraits from our friends with The Peck Law Firm. Scheduling your family photos with this Charleston family photographer is always important but family pictures can be especially healing and helpful after divorce. Having a good mindset and attitude of moving forward and treasuring your family and children can be spurred with sweet family photos to forever cherish! Read on to see a few family photos and learn more about the value of family photos from The Peck Law Firm.

Treasure Your Children

Divorce is relatively common in South Carolina. While the precise rate of divorce is difficult to pinpoint, data from National Health Statistics Reports indicate that somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce. Splitting up is never easy — especially for parents who have young children. When going through a divorce, parents need to make sure that they get the support that they need and that they deserve. This could include legal guidance from an experienced Charleston divorce attorney, it could include emotional support from a professional therapist or counselor, and it could simply mean getting love and care from family members and close friends. It is no surprise that divorce has the potential to be difficult on children. Though, there are many things that parents can do to make separation easier for the kids. This includes setting aside time to focus on the family and create special moments together. From fun trips to family portraits, it is important for parents to treasure their children.

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Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce is challenging for all members of the family. It is linked to anxiety, sadness, loss of stability, and general feelings of psychological distress. In some cases, divorce can be harder on the children than it is on the adults. This is particularly true if they are made to feel like they are the cause of the split. That being said, research indicates that parents can do a lot to help their children get through divorce more easily. Beyond avoiding putting children in the middle, parents can foster a healthy environment. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that children deal better with separation when their parents provide them with a positive, stable, family-focused atmosphere.

The Value of Focusing on Your Children

If you are going through a divorce, focusing on and treasuring your children offers benefits in both directions. Certainly, it will make the situation far easier for them. At the same time, parents benefit as well. Your children can help to provide you with the sense of positivity and stability that may have been undermined by your divorce. While every family is different, all families can benefit from a happy and healthy home environment.   

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How Family Pictures Can Help You Move Forward

Coping with a divorce often requires establishing a forward looking mindset. It is important to treasure your family for what it is and to treasure your life for what you have. Parents should always value the time that they spend with their children — especially while they are young. Every moment is precious.Getting a family portrait taken is not only a great way to document your family and strengthen your bonds, but it is a fun way to spend the day. Family should be celebrated, No matter what form it comes in. Those precious moments with your children should be captured for a lifetime. If you are interested in family photography in Charleston, SC, there is no better time to contact the skilled photographers at Valerie & Co. than today!


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