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Newlywed Bliss with April & Steven | Charleston Family Photographer

April and Steven are the sweetest couple and we are so glad that we happen to meet them last year! We first met when we needed last minute models to stand-in while we secretly shot our couple John & Samantha as John got on one knee and proposed to Samantha. Steven & April were perfect models and happy to help us out with their surprise proposal!

Valerie Co. Photographers April Steven Gracie 0001


Fast forward one year to today and now April and Steven are our official couple in front of the lens having their newlywed portraits done. :-) Read on to learn more about April, Steven, and their cute pup Gracie too. 

Though the couple have only been married a few months, they've been together for many years! April and Steven are actually high school sweethearts and they each told us how they met. April said, "Steven and I met at Orangeburg-Wilkinson high school. We actually started a high school journalism course together his senior year (2005) and I was smitten ever since. His charm, respectful nature, and sense of humor won me over and through the years our growth only made our bond stronger."

Steven also gave us his take on how they got together saying, "While I was familiar with who April was from afar, we met formally in a high school multimedia course. While my stay in the class was brief, I made sure we exchanged contact information before I departed so that we could keep in touch. I'd say that was wise some 13 years later here we are... While we met in high school we dated on and off for 13 years. During this time, we grew and supported each other through life changes and reaching goals." 

Valerie Co. Photographers April Steven Gracie 0007

Valerie Co. Photographers April Steven Gracie 0013

Eleven years into their relationship, Steven proposed to April at the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World! It was a joyful surprise that took place in Cinderella's Castle. Steven told us, "It was December 30th and we planned to bring in the New Year in Orlando. Disney played a key role allowing me to execute the perfect experience. Prior to our arrival that afternoon, I made a few calls, sent a few emails and arranged for us to have dinner in the restaurant located in Cinderella’s castle… I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the happily every after package, I ensured that our room would be prepared upon our return with flowers as well. After we finished eating dinner, the waiter came out with desert and a glass slipper on a platter. This was my cue, I discreetly yet nervously reached into the camera bag and fished out the most expensive mini-benz I had ever carried around. Before I knew it, I heard a high tone in my ear and the room got quiet it was like everything around me stopped… I slid across the floor on one knee, almost burning a hole in my chino’s and asked April if she would be my queen for life… She said “shut-up, duh!!” and the rest is up to us to write our history… together as a team, a unit, an undeniable tandem."

April was totally surprised saying, "We sat at our table, perfectly centered at the top window of the area inside the castle, and ordered all three courses.  First course, was good, Main course was great, and I was looking forward to our desert course because I ordered cheesecake.  To my surprise though, I was brought a cinderella’s glass slipper surrounded by rose petals. I was soooooo confused. I'm staring at the slipper then looked up at Steven and he then slides across the floor to my side of the table on one knee!!! At this moment the lady behind me yells, “OMG is he about to propose?!!!” Shocked and laughing at myself for not catching on, Steven begins rambling and I cannot even recall what I heard.  This was such a surreal moment and my response to him was, “shut up, duh!!!” We laughed, he cried, and the love was felt all around the room!"

The now newlywed, April and Steven, are living in Charolette, NC with their Toy Poodle, Gracie, and told us married life is just as they envisioned. Their everyday is filled with love and work but they wouldn’t have it any other way! April is a Pharmacist and works as a pharmacy manager, Steven is a ESPN Talent Producer and does talent booking and interview ideation, and Gracie is the jelly to April's peanut butter. ;-) April got her as a pup and was a graduation gift to herself after undergrad. Gracie and April have lived together in South Carolina, Florida, and now North Carolina and from the beginning she's been the sweetest pup ever! She loves to show you love, always gives the best kisses, and enjoys cuddling and sun bathing. 

Valerie Co. Photographers April Steven Gracie 0004

We adored getting to know April, Steven, and Gracie and capturing these sweet Newlywed Portraits!



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