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A Merry Little Christmas with Sadie Mae | Pet Portraits | Charleston Family Photographer

It was such a treat doing a pet portrait session with 7-year-old Bedlington Terrier, Sadie Mea! She's a cute, white, fluffy, little lamb of a dog. ;-) And one of the best parts of her shoot was going down to the Melinda Armstrong-Wrenn's adorable I'On neighborhood shop, Sweet Olive, where everything has been perfectly decorated for the holidays. This provided us the perfect back drop for Sadie's Christmas themed photos! Keep reading to learn mare about sweet Sadie Mae and to check out the gallery of a few of her session photos! 

Pet parents, Dennis and Bebe, adopted Sadie Mae as a pup. Back then she was very little and actually all black. Interestingly, according to American Kennel Club, for the Bedlington Terrier breed, their coat's start dark and grow increasingly lighter as the get older, also, if the dog gets a boo-boo that damages it's coat, the hair grows in black in that spot. Sadie, however has grown to be an all white and fluffy fun dog! Sadie Mae has her pretty hair groomed in the traditional Bedlington Terrier style, though no one is sure how the style came to be. The AKC says that as far back as the late 1800s, Bedlingtons were being groomed with the unique ear tassels, clipped crown, and shaved face, neck, and tail. 

Sadie is not only cute, she's very talented! When she was little she was taught to ring a bell when she wanted to go out. Now she shakes her ears that happen to look like little bells { he he he ;-) }, to let everyone know she wants to go outside. She also knows the commands: sit, shake, and "bang, bang" play dead trick! She enjoys the outdoors, her daily routine involves 4 walks in her neighborhood a day. She also likes to cuddle with Bebe and Dennis on the couch, play with the grandkids when they come to visit, and everyone loves Sadie too. 

Valerie Co. Photographers Sadie Mae Pet Portraits 0002

It's a special gift to have these super sweet holiday photos of festive and angelic Sadie Mae. If you'd like to see some more cute holiday photos you can check those out here and if you'd like to see another pet portrait session check out this cute shoot we did with Bowie! 


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