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Charleston Family Photographer | The Lewis Brothers

We simply adore the adorable families that we get to photograph here at Valerie & Co. Photographers! One very recent Charleston Family Photography Session we did was with the super handsome Lewis boys. Though the youngest is still just a baby, these siblings are very close and each unique. They have a variety of interests, fun hobbies, and dreams for the future. Read on to learn more about these sweet siblings and to see a few of their family photos!

Eldest brother Britton is 8-years-old and says he would like to grow up to become either a stock picker or a doctor. Right now he enjoys playing chess, Pokémon, going on ski trips, and loves playing all sorts of card games, from UNO to Texas Hold’em! Both he and his younger brother, Asher, have fun riding bikes in their neighborhood trails and playing soccer.

Asher is 6-years-old and is the middle sibling. Besides biking and soccer, he has a passion for Legos and is actually a Master Lego Builder! ;-) The last set he completed was a 1,186 piece Nexo Knights “Jestro’s Volcano Lair” set, and before that, “Big Ben.” He also enjoys taking trips to visit and play with his cousins who live all over the globe. In fact, the boys of the Lewis family are all very well traveled.

Littlest brother, Isaac, at 4-months-old has already been to Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, and Grand Cayman! He’s sure to travel even more as he ages and grows, but his favorite places to visit are the homes of his grandparents in North Carolina. He also enjoys bouncing in his Jumperoo and making funny faces at his older brothers.

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Each of the Lewis boys are a blast and when you get them all together, it’s three times the fun. :-) We appreciate these adorable kids sharing a bit about their lives with us and pairing their story with their handsome family session photos. Be sure to check out a few of their photos in the gallery and give Valerie & Co. Photographers a call for pictures that perfectly capture and document your growing family too!

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