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Adorable Annabelle's Cake Smash Pictures | Charleston Family Photographer

Baby Annabelle has just turned one-year-old and we're so glad her family scheduled a cake smash session with us in celebration of her! Graphic designer, Bonnie Jo, her husband, and their two children moved to Charleston from Virgina after he was hired on with Black Baud and Valerie & Co. Photographers has been photographing their family portraits since their move here. When it came time for Annabelle's first birthday, they just knew they'd like to have some really fun Charleston cake smash photography!
A few days before Annabelle's March 28th birthday, the family threw a strawberry themed party with 20 guests in attendance. For her cake smash session and her birthday, Annabelle's mother even made yummy strawberry cake with pink floweret icing on top! Her mother says Annabelle looooved playing with her little friends at her party and playing in all the bubbles that they were blowing. :-) For Annabelle's mother, she said her one-year-old birthday party was the celebration of the culmination of a healthy pregnancy, a healthy delivery, a healthy baby and a healthy first year. She said she knows now those are not guaranteed and she's continually grateful for her two babies.
At one-year-old, Annabelle has 4 teeth, is cruising but ready to run! She loves to eat blueberries and she loves her big brother. :-) Three & 1/2 year old brother, Barrett, really does like being big brother to Annabelle. His family says he is slightly amused by her...sometimes, lol. They play together well and he is always excited to see her after school and that Annabelle is going to be one tough cookie from all the rough playing Barrett throws her way. Our photo session featured a few sibling photos where you can see how sweetly they play together. :-) Once sibling photos and portraits were through, Annabelle was very eager to dig into her strawberry smash cake! Her hands went straight for the icing which she really enjoyed playing in. :-) After a while, Annabelle finally took a little taste of the frosting and that's when she really began to eat her smash cake! She looks so adorable in her pink, white, and gold "today I eat cake" bib from mudpie and all those touches of pink icing on her cute little face to match! We captured a bunch of sweet moments with lots licks, laughs, and happiness from this sweet one-year-old girl.
Happy Birthday Baby!


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