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The Valerie & Co. Photographers studio is ethusiastic and borderline crazy for Charleston pet portraits! It's so great to provide perfect images that capture the personality of the animals we've met. Bulldog, Bowie, has a plenty of personality and he is a beloved member of the Gill family! The town of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, is where they all live a nice life together in the charming neighborhood of I'On. It’s a lovely place to be, but for the Gill family, the best part of their home is probably the fact that they’re only 6 short miles from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. Bowie and his family happily spend a lot of their time at the school located in the historic city of

Charleston. They are crazy for the famed military college and the Citadel Bulldogs! Vicki Gill is the head cheerleading coach there and really loves it. Her husband Paul is a Citadel graduate and a former football player for the collegiate team. Bowie has participated in a lot of The Citadel’s fun events. Most recently he won first runner-up in the "Most Beautiful Bulldog" contest, and at the school’s 2015 “Best Citadel Costume” contest, Bowie won first place while sporting a pup sized outfit of the alma matter’s traditional military dress gray uniform. He’s an honest cadet! The Gill family is so proud of everything about their good boy, Bowie. The seven year old bulldog, comes from the Puppy Chase Kennels of Athens, but it should come as no surprise to learn that Bowie hails from this area. The town of Athens is especially known for bulldogs because it is home to the distinguished and celebrated, University of Georgia, and the Georgia Bulldogs. However, the dear dog, Bowie, is very happy and proud to be just like The Citadel’s mascot, Spike, and faithfully represent The Citadel’s motto: Duty, Honor, Respect! Bowie’s heart is fully for his household’s team. He’s a first class pooch and his family couldn’t ask for more. The boisterous bullie-breed dog is a good protector and likes the thrill of chasing after trespassing lizards and squirrels. In addition to the fun of running around outdoors and keeping everybody safe, Bowie and the Gill family enjoy playing a game of fetch with their Citadel football toy, and enjoy their peaceful moments spent nuzzling up together. The deep devotion and grand passion Bowie and his family show, is a fine treasure to be honored with receiving. For The Military College of South Carolina, they’re more than fortunate to have the true-blue, or in this case, Citadel Blue, loyalty and love of the Gill family, and, their wonderful four legged family member, Bowie the bulldog. They're crazy for The Citadel and we're boarderline crazy for these Charleston pet portraits with the Gill family!


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