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Soulmates get Engaged at Magnolia Plantation | Tehra & Keith's Surprise Proposal

We here at Valerie & Co. Photographers enjoy a good love story and we REALLY like Tehra and Keith's love story and proposal. Keith very clearly adores Tehra, and they are IN. LOVE. If you can't tell by their romantic proposal pictures, you'll have no doubts once you read about their relationship in Keith's own words! Read on to see these soulmates get engaged. :-) 

“Tehra and I met online and realized we had a lot of common interests. After a few weeks we had our first date. We met for dinner and then drove to Mount Lemmon in Tucson to watch the sunset over the city. The whole date was filled with butterflies, nervousness, and feeling this undeniable spark. After that, we spent all of our leisure time together. We really took the time to become best friends and always naturally enjoyed each other’s company.

We went back to Mount Lemmon for a picnic and that is where everything really fell into place. After that day, we both knew we genuinely loved each other. Eventually, being together felt like home so we decided to move in together. Living with your best friend is the most fun you will ever have in life. We garden together, cook, enjoy cleaning, playing with our dogs, and being outside.

I always knew Tehra was my soulmate. She’s the kind of woman a man spends his whole life searching for. She is the most selfless, giving, empathic, and kind human I have ever met. I have always been responsible and independent, but the value she added to my life from the moment I met her was something I knew I could never live without. Her sweet and genuine energy is truly contagious. She always makes me feel cherished, valued, and loved. She’s also the most phenomenal cook; what more could you ask for in a wife?  

After living together for a year, I was able to see Tehra’s true self, the in-between moments that really define you as a person. She is incredibly smart and so driven that it pushes me to dream a little bigger. After seeing her multi-faceted personality, I knew I had to ask her to be my wife.

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Tehra’s favorite place is Charleston, South Carolina. I planned a trip for us there and planned to make it the most special experience of her life. From the moment we got into our rental, flowers were waiting for her. I got her a gift certificate to get her nails and toes done. I rented a convertible so we could put the top down and really enjoy the city. On our third day, I took Tehra to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens where everything including, Valerie & Co. Photographers, were set up. I told her that we needed to dress up because she knows I like to take photos of us and make vacation videos everywhere we go for memories. Magnolia plantation is beautiful and I figured was a great area to take some photos, so I used that excuse to coordinate our outfits, obviously leaving out the engagement. I think she had a feeling what was happening because of all the special things I did along the way. The ring was from Lauren B, based out of New York City. She’s been telling me the kind of ring she dreams about early on in our relationship. I decided to reach out to a salesmen and I custom made the ring to her exact “dream ring” she’s pointed out to me many times. I ordered the ring and had been saving up. I actually received the ring about 2 months before the engagement and kept it in my large safe at home. Now, ever since the proposal, we have been planning the wedding we will remember for a lifetime. We are anticipating in the spring of 2020, with a lot of details to still be figured out.”

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