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Puppy & Parents Help to Pull Off This Perfect Proposal! | Anthony & Lindsey

Anthony was ready to get down on one knee and he watned to have a few extra-special sweet surprises for Lindsey when he did. :-) There were a lot of moving parts but it all came together nicely! We here at Valerie & Co. Photographers were honored to capture the surprises and to be a part of the surprises too! Read on to learn how Anthony, our studio, the couple's puppy, & parents help to pull off this perfect proposal!

We asked Lindsey to tell us a little bit about her and Anthony. She said, "Anthony and I met at a party while we were both students at Clemson University at the end of our sophomore year. I struck up a conversation with him and we talked for hours all the way until the party ended. We went to Waffle House and ended up talking all night long. I love how he didn't follow a three-day-rule or anything like that, because we met up the next day to play volleyball and then saw each other every day after that until school was out. I was so into him I went back to Clemson well before classes started so that I could spend the summer with him! :) We've been together for 4 years and we currently live in Greenville, SC with our pet, Sammy."

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Lindsey 0008

Anthony & Lindsey made plans to come to Charleston for a little vacation. Anthony then contacted our studio for photography because he had big plans to pop the big question at the Charleston Pineapple Fountain! Lindsey told us, "We were visiting Charleston for Anthony's birthday and we planned on dressing up and taking pictures at the Pineapple Fountain before our dinner reservations. I messed up his plans because I thought we had so much time before our dinner, we should Uber to the Battery and walk up past Rainbow Row to the fountain to take more pictures. Little did I know, he had arranged to have a professional photographer and my parents and our dog Sammy waiting on us at the fountain! He couldn't say no without raising suspicion, but luckily he was able to secretly text the photographer about the time delay. Meanwhile my parents, who had been hiding from us all day with Sammy (because I had no idea they drove all the way to Charleston) and who avoided some accidental close encounters with us downtown, were panicking because they didn't know which direction we were coming from so they didn't know where to hide. Luckily it all worked out- I never saw them or noticed the professional photographer when Anthony pulled me up to the fountain. He told me he knew he wanted to marry me four years ago when we were first came to Charleston and took pictures in the same spot at the Pineapple Fountain , he just had to make sure I could put up with him for that long, haha! Between my cries {sobs} of happiness as I realized what was happening, he said 'Even though it's my birthday, I got you something', and dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes (of course!) and kissed him while the random crowd around us cheered, then I turned and was so surprised to see the photographer, my parents, and Sammy! It made it SO special to have them there since I am super close with my parents, and to have our dog (who is more like our child we spoil him so much) be there to lick my happy tears away and celebrate with us. :-)"

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Lindsey 0004Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Lindsey 0007

The engagement ring is my dream ring! It's a round diamond with a cushion-cut halo and a sparkly skinny band. Anthony picked it out himself at Jared, and he was sweet enough to bring my mom with him ring shopping which made her life- haha. Even though I made it quite the challenge for Anthony to pull off the surprise proposal, he did perfect!"

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