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Overcome with Joy! | Charleston Proposal Photographer | Emily & Brian

It's so delightful to see the joy on a person's face when that person is flooded with happiness and excitement! It's contagious cause you can't help but feel that happiness too. That's exactly the sentiment captured in Brian and Emily's surprise proposal photographs. :-) Emily was very surprised and so overcome with joy when Brian got down on one knee and popped the big question! We know you'll feel all those things too when you take a look at a few of Valerie & Co. Photographers' photos in the gallery of Emily & Brian's Pineapple Fountain proposal and read their love story!

Brian is from Charlton, MA and I am from Spencer, MA. Brian works as a pharmacist at our local Walgreens and I am a transplant nurse at our local hospital. We both share a love for the medical field. We met at our first job at a nursing home when we were in high school. After graduating high school we both went to different colleges but remained employees at the nursing home. We both came back home to work on breaks and by the summer after Brian’s second year of college and my first year, we went on our first date to a mini golf course. It didn't take many dates after that for us to realize what we had was special! Going back to college in the fall was difficult for us as we were two hours apart but for the next three years after that we made it work!

Brian was in a 6 year program in college so after I graduated he had another year to complete. After he completed his final year in college we bought our first home in Worcester, MA! It was truly a great experience for us and shortly after buying our home, we adopted our first dog, Poppy! We have always loved to travel together and in the 6 years we have been together, we have been lucky enough to visit many different places. Charleston, SC was a place we talked about visiting, so we decided to spend our May vacation exploring Charleston and I’ll never forget the day of the engagement!

We had looked at the weather for Charleston for the upcoming week we would be spending there and unfortunately it looked like rain for many of the days. Fortunately the day we arrived the weather was beautiful. We decided to take advantage of the weather and quickly dropped our bags off and headed to Magnolia Plantation and then to the Pineapple fountain. Magnolia Plantation was beautiful, but I could not wait to get to the fountain. I had seen so many photos of the fountain and I could not wait to take a picture of our own there. As we approached the fountain we noticed children playing in the water, what a surprise! We had no idea children were allowed to play in it but now I understand why Brian’s face was white when I looked over at him. I walked around the fountain to see if we could get a photo from a better angle and I did not make it very far before hearing Brian call me over to tell me there was an opening. After that my world stopped! 

Valerie & Co. Photographers - Brian & Emily Pineapple Fountain Proposal_0003.jpg

He told me he had a question he has been wanting to ask me for a very long time and next thing I knew he was on one knee in front of me. After that everything seemed like a blur! I could not hear anyone around me, he was all I saw. I stood there for a moment frozen in pure happiness before saying yes! I am still so grateful Valerie and Ed were able to capture the moment. I still find myself staring at my ring and smiling. To me, it is perfect. Brian bought the ring at Descenza in Framingham, MA with the help of my best friend from college. Brian had showed my family the ring and asked for my Dad’s permission 5 months prior to our engagement. As you can imagine everyone was waiting anxiously for the day to come! 

Valerie & Co. Photographers - Brian & Emily Pineapple Fountain Proposal_0007.jpgValerie & Co. Photographers - Brian & Emily Pineapple Fountain Proposal_0008.jpgValerie & Co. Photographers - Brian & Emily Pineapple Fountain Proposal_0001.jpg

We are still enjoying our time of engagement and have started looking at venues. We hope to get married in September of 2018. We have found a place we both love for a reception called Chocksett Inn in Sterling, MA. Our ceremony will be held in a church nearby. We cannot thank you all enough for being apart of our special day.


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