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One Way To Know He's About To Propose! | Katie & Brandon | Charleston Proposal Photographer

Have you had a sneaking suspicion lately that there's a good possibility your partner is about to propose?! But, how can you know??? We just photographed Brandon's surprise proposal to Katie, and leading up to their engagement, there was at least one detail that our studio knows about that could've clued you in on Brandon's plans to ask Katie if she would marry him! Now, we here at Valerie & Co. Photographers LOVE a good secret, and we'd never want to ruin anyone's surprise. However, if you've been starting to think your man is going to get down on one knee, but you want to be a little prepared and would maybe enjoy going to get a manicure before a brand new ring is slipped on your finger, we can tell you about a little sign that could give you a heads up that your guy may be ready to pop the big question! Here is one way to know he's about to propose from this Charleston Engagement Photographer. :-)

A very popular way people propose that we see A LOT here in Charleston, SC, is while on vacation. This comes as no surprise to us since the city of Charleston is one of the top travel destinations in the US and the world. ;-) So, if your fella shows a really strong interest in planning a vacation or is making reservations and plans without your help, that might be a hint he's up to something big. :-) Brandon and Katie had a big trip planned and made Charleston one of their stops for their vacation. A whole month before their travels, Brandon contacted us for surprise proposal photography coverage at Boone Hall Plantation. If you were looking for a sign of what was to come, you may have figured it out by how Brandon took the lead in their vacation planning. He worked everything out in their itinerary so he could ensure his secret marriage proposal would go off without a hitch. We're so honored and thrilled we got to help Brandon with his proposal plans! He and Katie are a wonderful couple with some pretty wonderful proposal pictures that we love. ;-) Be sure to check out a few of their fantastic photos in the gallery! If you also have a big trip that your guy is planning, that might be a sign he's ready to ask you to be his bride, and the two of you could be just like Brandon and Katie who started out their vacation as dating, and came back engaged!


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