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Getting Engaged Where Love 1st Began | Pitt St. Bridge | Charleston Proposal Photographer

The idea of going back to the place where everything began is a romantic and charming notion. When Allie went to that old house Noah bought and restored just for her, (shoutout to The Notebook!) the two of them reunited and rekindled their love in the place where their romance started. Newly engaged Rod and Amy also have a romantic and charming love story with a wedding proposal that brought them back to the city where their love began all captured in perfect Charleston proposal pictures!

Rod and Amy aren’t currently living in Charleston, but the holy city is the start to their love story and the place where Rod and Amy first met. When Rod decided he wanted to ask Amy to marry him, he knew they had to go back to that beginning to pop the big question. :-) Rod even arranged for Amy’s family to come to Charleston too so they could all celebrate together afterwards! Rod also picked out a perfect place to propose to Amy, the picturesque Pitt Street Bridge, in Mt. Pleasant.

Pitt Street Bridge, or as it’s officially named, Pickett Park Recreation Area, was once the site of a pre-revolutionary bridge between Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island made of floating planks and barrels. Later a trolley bridge was built in it’s place and today many of the roads on Sullivan’s Island are still named for the trolley station stop numbers. Eventually this bridge over the Cove Inlet was demolished as the newer Ben Sawyer Bridge could better accommodate boat traffic below and vehicle traffic above. The Pitt Street Bridge is now a beautiful and scenic park with a long greenway and a pier made from some of the remains of the old bridge. When you pair this location’s breath-taking views of the surrounding, cities, marshes, and inlet with all the site’s history, the park gives you a sweet natural and nostalgic feeling, easily making it one of the most beautiful spots to propose!

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Valerie Co. Photographers Pitt St. Bridge Proposal 0004

Valerie & Co. Photographers invites you to enjoy these photos of Rod and Amy’s surprise proposal in the gallery and let their pictures do all the romantic talking!

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