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A Big Beautiful Ring for a Big Beautiful Charleston Proposal!

We here at the photo studio of Valerie & Ed have seen a lot of engagement rings but you ain’t never seen a sparkler quite like the one that Blake proposed with to Kailey! Blake planned their surprise proposal for Kailey’s birthday while on vacation in Charleston. For Kailey, it was an awesome birthday and a wonderful proposal at White Point Garden on the Battery! We’re excited to share it with you so read on to see the engagement birthday BLING and learn what Kailey had to say about the big surprise! 

Blake and Kailey met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and went on to date for two years before their engagement. They got to talking about their future together and rings but Kailey had no idea that Blake had a big surprise coming for her! Kailey said, “I didn't suspect anything and was completely caught off guard! With Blake had been traveling for work and just got back from being out of town two whole weeks. Him getting back in town literally the day before the surprise weekend getaway and that being my birthday present, I just figured a Charleston trip was an amazing gift and certainly didn't expect more surprises on top of the trip!” 

Valerie Ed Blake Kaileys White Point Proposal 0001

The pair went sightseeing around downtown Charleston and while enjoying the city, then Blake made his move! Kailey explained, “Blake suggested we walk in the park near the Battery in Charleston before dinner and take some candid photos. He likes taking candid photos with beautiful backgrounds pretty much everywhere we go, so I didn't think anything of it. We got ready and headed out. Once we arrived at the Battery, he told me to walk ahead and he would take a couple photos of me, then I could take a few of him. So, I walked ahead, he took a couple photos and then I turned around and he gave me his camera to take some photos of him. We walked a little further into the park and there was this beautiful gazebo. He told me to, again, walk ahead of him and up the gazebo and he would take a couple photos of me, then I would take a couple for him, so I did. But when I turned back around to get the camera from him to take a couple photos of him,  HE WAS DOWN ON ONE KNEE WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Complete shock, happiness, excitement, and tears came all at one time! Truly, the happiest moment in my life!”

Valerie Ed Blake Kaileys White Point Proposal 0003 

Valerie Ed Blake Kaileys White Point Proposal 0006

Of course we wanted to know more about that sparkler! When asked, Kailye said, “Blake proposed with a beautiful white gold 7 total carat diamond engagement ring. He worked with a jeweler to custom make it for me! The center diamond is a 6 carat round diamond, with two smaller round diamonds on each side. Blake had seen a few pictures of rings that I liked but of course, this ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and exceeded any and all expectations!” 

Valerie Ed Blake Kaileys White Point Proposal 0012

Valerie Ed Blake Kaileys White Point Proposal 0011

Congratulations to the newly engaged! And to our reader, we'd love to photograph your love too. Hit us up right here!


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