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A Really Fun Love Story & Proposal | Anthony & April

We here at Valerie & Co. Photographers adore a cute proposal story and our recent surprise proposal couple, Anthony & April, have a really fun love story and proposal! We’re really excited to share their story and a few of our favorite proposal pictures with you. Read on to see and learn more! 

Anthony is originally from upstate New York but ended up planting roots in San Diego, CA after his time in the Navy. April is a Los Angeles native but lived in San Diego for four years and made a lot of friends there. She ended up moving home to LA but would still visit San Diego to spend time with her best friend Samantha. During one such San Diego trip, April went kayaking for a day with Samantha and left her Tinder app on. Later that day when April was back in LA, she noticed that Anthony from San Diego had “Super Liked” her. During that time, she was on the phone with her friend, Kandy, and asked, “Should I even swipe right since he’s in San Diego?” Luckily, Kandy said, “Yes! He’s cute!” And the rest was set into motion! They started dating and the couple had a somewhat long distance relationship for about 6 months before deciding to live together in San Diego.

After two years together, Anthony was ready to pop the big question! When asked what his proposal planning experience was like he said, “I was nervous and excited because I wanted the proposal to be as perfect as it could be since this would be one of our most special moments! I knew that I wanted the proposal to be romantic and captured by a photographer. After a lot of research, I chose the location under the oak trees at Boone Hall Plantation because of how beautiful everything would look as the sun set, hitting the oak trees and spanish moss. I found this place to be unique, romantic and the perfect setting for our proposal photos. While searching for a photographer, I stumbled upon Valerie & Co. Photography. I found Valerie’s proposal photography to be beautiful and with Valerie’s experience in capturing over fifty proposals, I knew that she was the photographer to go with! Valerie was extremely helpful with setting up the photo appointment, going over the proposal and providing tips to make sure everything would run smoothly.” 

Valerie & Co. Photographers - Anthony & April's Boone Hall Proposal_0001.jpg

April had such a cute reaction during the proposal saying, “We arrived at Boone Hall Plantation and provided a map for the tour. I saw that our meeting spot for the tour was the Boone Hall Hospitality area so we started to walk over to the meeting spot. However, for some reason, Anthony started to slowly lead me away. I was wondering why he would make me walk more than I’d have to and that’s when I started to have my suspicions! I looked around to see if there would be any signs of what was about to happen, such as a photographer. I happened to notice a woman with a nice camera and thought, ‘Ah-Ha’ but the woman started to instruct an older couple to pose. That made me think she was hired by the couple and perhaps they were doing an anniversary photo shoot. As I was processing what just happened, Anthony stopped walking and surprised me with the proposal! After the proposal, I found out that the woman with the nice camera was in fact our photographer, Valerie, and her husband Ed was even more well hidden!” 

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Aprils Boone Hall Proposal 0002

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Aprils Boone Hall Proposal 0006 

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Aprils Boone Hall Proposal 0005

Not only did Anthony do a great job planning and executing the proposal but he did REALLY well on the engagement ring. April said, “The ring is from James Allen where Anthony was able to create the ring to his specifications. We were able to ring shop together just to get an idea of what we both liked and didn’t like and we both learned so much about engagement ring settings and diamonds. We were both on the same page for the quality and characteristics of the center diamond. As for the setting, Anthony always favored the classic six-prong solitaire engagement ring and I favored the extra sparkle a halo setting gave but disliked the pavé shank. We’ve been exclusively trying on platinum metal settings since that’s the one thing we both knew we wanted… or so we thought. After visiting over five different engagement ring stores, we wandered to a custom jewelry store and found almost what we were looking for. This was the only store we had gone to that had an engagement ring with a simple pavé halo setting without the pavé band that looked decent, but it was in rose gold. Despite the ring metal being rose gold, I tried it on. At that moment, Anthony knew that was the ring meant for me. However, I had some doubts about the minor details of the diamond so Anthony went to James Allen and picked out the diamond and setting, creating the ring that we both love! I now proudly wear an engagement ring with a diamond pavé halo surrounding a round diamond center stone in a rose gold setting.” 

Valerie Co. Photographers Anthony Aprils Boone Hall Proposal 0003

Congrats again to April and Anthony! We had a lot of fun with them. :-) And if you’re looking for a proposal photographer too, please check out the Valerie & Co. Photographers team cause we’d love to capture your special moment!


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