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  • Valerie says...

    Valerie says...

    I am a passionate, creative people-person who appreciates beauty in the details. It thrills me that I am able to create order and beauty through my lens from a scene most people would walk right past and never notice. After receiving my degree in journalism, I worked a couple years post-college as a newswriter before falling head over heels in love with photographing weddings. I dove into the full-time photography world in 2006 and haven't looked back. Meeting Ed and combining our talents in 2017 brought all of life's goodness to a whole new level! He makes me laugh like no one else can, and is truly my best friend. Getting to be full-time together is my modern day fairy tale.

    Beyond photography, we love to travel. We've challenged ourselves to see as many different cities/countries as possible. We love good coffee, but #sorrynotsorry cream and sugar are a must. I'm a mediocre cook, but I can shake up a mean margarita. My mom says I've never met a stranger, even though I personally categorize myself as an outgoing introvert. I love spending time with my friends and laughing until my sides hurt. I believe sarcasm can be an art form. I'm an adventure junkie. I love roller coasters, I've explored temples in Cambodia, climbed glaciers in Argentina, swam with sharks in South Africa and gone ice skating at the top of the Eiffel Tower. My favorite adventure so far, however, is motherhood. Lydia (5) and our new baby Donovan have my whole heart.
  • Ed says...

    Ed says...

    Like Valerie, I grew up in the Charleston area. This is our home and has been since being kids playing outside. We met on the job when she hired me to be her second photographer for several weddings. Valerie and I quickly discovered that we had a lot in common, became best friends, fell in love and the rest is being written now!!! Working together we read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences, and no matter what, always have fun! We have 5 kids Ethan, Jackson, Dabnie, Lydia, and our newest addition baby Donovan. Yes, we proudly rock a minivan we call “The Limo”.

    My background consists of earning my degree in photography, running my own restaurants for many years and most recently a high school photography teacher. All of which have prepared me as a wedding photographer form the technical aspects of capturing an image no matter the gear or conditions to a wide range of anticipating clients needs and handling unexpected situations. I’ve been accused of being able to be best friends with anyone within minutes, possessing a ridiculous amount of “useless knowledge” (I call it trivia) and seeing the good in everybody.

    I consider myself to be an analog soul living in a digital world. I geek out when I’m talking about film cameras, any type of board sports (snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding…), paintballing with my kids, good music and ANYTHING about 90’s Hip-Hop. Especially the Wu-Tang Clan!!!!!

    We're the perfect match for you if:

    • You keep it classic.

      Your style is trendy in everyday life, but when it comes to something as timeless as your wedding, you're keeping it classic.
    • You're hosts with the most.

      Your biggest priority for your day is to spoil your guests. And you're really good at it.
    • It's about the marriage.

      You'll design a breathtaking celebration, but you're about a marriage even more beautiful than the wedding.
    • You're BFF's.

      You always choose to spend your time together. Not because you have to, but because it's more fun that way.
    • He's emotional.

      It's a toss up as to who will cry more on a wedding day. The father of the bride, or the groom.


    • Awkwardness

      Yes, awkwardness! Why do we love it? Because that's real life, y'all. Life got so much more fun once we learned to embrace and celebrate our awkwardness.
    • Kids

      Yep, we LOVE fact, we have 5 of 'em! YES, FIVE, ranging age 0 to 16! Our children have the biggest part of both our hearts and they are the main reason "why" behind everything we do.
    • Movie Quotes

      Movie Quotes
      Yes, we're that couple. In every situation of life, there's always a good movie quote. Nope, it's never boring at our house. "Save the neck for me, Clark."
    • Our Minivan

      Our Minivan
      We call it our family limo! Before little Donovan was born, we had two smaller cars. After installing the baby seat, Ed couldn't fit his knees in the passengers seat anymore, so 4 days before baby was born, we joined the minivan club. All this space, are you kidding me? Haters gonna hate, but you can't convince us it's not awesome.
    • Crime Shows

      Crime Shows
      We are crime show junkies! Our favorite is Forensic Files. Truth be told, it's one of the main reasons we paid for SIRIUS radio so we can listen as we drive!
    • Music

      We love music! Our favorite band, if we have to name just one, is Jump, Little Children...and about a year ago, we were asked to do band shots for them. We were so overjoyed to get to photograph our favorite band we about fainted. We even found out that we were at the same show back in 2005 and never knew it! Beware, Ed has an insane amount of music and band knowledge and can geek out with you for hours.
    • Real People Stories

      Real People Stories
      Whether we're working or not, we love meeting "real" people and hearing their stories. When we travel, we choose to stay in Airbnb's because we get to meet cool local people. It's also why we love being wedding photographers!
    • It's Always Sunny...

      It's Always Sunny...
      Our favorite show is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"...we can quote several full eposides!


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